Super Nutritious Foods for Navratri or Fasting

Fasting is a scientific practice which has been followed since ancient times. A nutritious diet in the fasting period sets suitable coordination between body, mind & soul. During fasting, it is essential to take care of nutrition with hydration to stay healthy & energetic. Following are some foods which makes you healthy during fasting period:

  • Sago (Sabudana) – Sago is an outstanding source of carbohydrates & provides good energy. It is easy for digestion. Along with protein like milk (kheer), peanut & veggies (khichadi) improve its nutrition quality.
  • Varaiche tandul (Bhagar/Sama rice) – Sama rice gives satiety & plenty of good nutrients. It is high in fiber & low in sugar as compared to rice. Suitable to diabetics also. Sama rice is a gluten-free grain with balanced carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins & minerals. It is an excellent source of nutrients during fasting.
  • Makhana (Lotus seeds) – Phool makhana is high in protein & carbohydrates. It gives satiety, subsides hunger pangs & quenches thirst. Good source of magnesium as well as very low in fat & sodium.
  • Kuttu (Buckwheat) – Kuttu rich in all essential nutrients. It helps to provide sustainable energy for the whole day. Presence of all essential nutrients in it makes us crave less while fasting.
  • Singhara (Water Chest Nut) – Feast your fast with singhare dosa/idli with veggies. With all nutrients, it provides alkalinity to the body. Reduces stress from the body.
  • Rajgeera (Amaranth) – Rajgeera is a powerhouse of nutrients. It carries all essential amino acids, calcium fat-soluble vitamin as well as water-soluble vitamin. It is a complete source of nutrition during fasting.
  • Fruits – Fruits gives energy with fullness & satiety for longer periods. They are rich in phytonutrients which stay us healthy & glowing in festive season. Fruits like banana, papaya, watermelon are good sources of nutrients & keeps hydration in the body.
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