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Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

NIMS Hospital

NIMS Hospital is the Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik that is equipped with state-of-the-art technology delivering it a substation of healthcare and is performed to invest in the latest medical technology on standard with the most advanced worldwide improvements to ensure that every one of our patients benefits from the latest knowledge.

The hospital has highly qualified medical persons and technicians to assure healthcare delivery of the highest quality. It offers a wide range of clinical services such as General surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, minimally invasive surgeries, ENT surgery, pediatrics and neonatology, ophthalmology, urology, gastroenterology, Critical care physicians, orthopedics, consultant physician and psychiatrists.


24 Hour Support

We provide 24 hour Healthcare Support.

Qualified Doctors

We are team of Qualified and Experienced Doctors

Premium Healthcare

We are having all the insurance support.

Our Team

Dr. Sachin deore - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Sachin Deore

General Surgeon

Dr. Gaurav Roy - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Gaurav Roy

ENT Surgeon

Dr. Kiran Patil - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Kiran C Patil

Consultant Physician

Dr. Sudarshen Aahire - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Sudarshen Aahire

ENT Surgeon

Dr. Shrenik dharaskar - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Shrenik Dharaskar


Dr. Shreyans shah - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Shreyans Shah

Consultant Physician

Dr. Parag Dhamane

General Surgeon

Dr. Manoj Bachhav - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Manoj Bacchav

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pritam pawar - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Pritam Pawar


Dr. Muktesh Daund - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Muktesh Daund


Dr. Abhilesh Darade - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Abhilesh Darade

ENT Sergeon

Dr. Rushikesh Kute - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Rushikesh Kute


Dr. Mahesh Bansod - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Mahesh Bansod

Critical Care Physician

Dr. Mrunal Kapadnis - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Mrunal Kapadnis

Obs and Gynaecologist

Dr. Sandeep V. Ishi

Medical oncology


Our mission is to provide advanced medicine, compassionate, accessible, high quality, cost effective healthcare and trusted care. We are here to promote health, to educate healthcare professionals and to participate in appropriate clinical research. We are highly qualified and experienced team combining with advanced technology and 24 hour services are committed to treat whole person: mind and body.
To evolve as a benchmark in quality healthcare available to one and all. We will be an innovative, leading regional health system dedicated to advancing the health and transforming the lives of the people we serve through excellent clinical quality, accessible, patient-centered, caring service and unmatched physician and employee commitment. NIMS Hospital is the largest and best Multispecialty Healthcare group in Nashik offering the best treatments. NIMS Hospital known as Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik.



NIMS, Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik offers a wide range of services, including emergency care, diagnostic imaging, surgery, critical care, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, and more. our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical technologies to provide patients with the highest quality of care.

The cost of treatment at NIMS Multispeciality Hospital varies depending on several factors, such as the type of medical services and treatments required, the duration of hospitalization, and the patient's health insurance coverage. It's essential to check with the hospital's billing department or your insurance provider to get an estimate of the costs involved and ensure that you are fully aware of your financial obligations.

Yes, NIMS, Best Multispeciality Hospital in Nashik often provides personalized care tailored to the individual needs of each patient. This means that you can expect a customized treatment plan that takes into account your medical history, current health condition, and specific health goals.

Yes, many multispeciality hospitals have specialized departments for children, such as pediatric cardiology, pediatric neurology, and pediatric oncology. These departments have medical professionals who specialize in treating children and have specialized equipment and facilities designed for pediatric care.

NIMS Multispeciality Hospital has stringent protocols and safety measures in place to ensure patient safety. These measures include regular disinfection and cleaning of equipment and facilities, strict infection control protocols, and continuous monitoring of patient's health and vital signs.

Yes, NIMS Multispeciality Hospital often has emergency departments that provide round-the-clock emergency care for patients with critical health issues. These emergency departments have specialized medical professionals and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities designed to provide prompt and effective emergency medical care.


mayank shah
mayank shah
Great hospital with good doctors and staff. Everyone was very helpful. Very clean place. We stayed for 4 days and we have 0 complains. Dr.shah has always been a gentleman and has always given the best treatment possible. Thank you so much for being so kind to us 🙏
dinesh yadnik
dinesh yadnik
Staff handling good hospital are also good
Aba Sonawane
Aba Sonawane
रुग्णास वेळीस व योग्य प्रकारे उपचार तात्काळ मिळाल्यामुळे सर्व नातेवाईकांमध्ये उत्साहाचे वातावरण झालं तसेच सर्व स्टाफ सुशिक्षित असल्यामुळे काही सांगावेसे असं अजिबात वाटत नाही कारण प्रत्येक कर्मचारी आपापले काम वेळीच पूर्ण करताना दिसलेत खूप चांगलं वाटलं एक रुग्णाचा पाल्य श्री सोनवणे आबा जिभाऊ
Vaishnavi Singh
Vaishnavi Singh
Hospital is well infrastructure and well maintained Hospital staff is very friendly and helpful in nature Hospital is well maintained and cleaning and hygiene is excellent and on time service is very good
Manali Thorat
Manali Thorat
A good hospital and made feel a home away from home.


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