Admission Process

Hospital in Nashik – NIMS

NIMS Hospital, a healthcare landmark, has been a household name to more than 10 million people. NIMS is the best hospital in Nashik with multiple facilities.

An individual may be admitted to the hospital for a positive experience, such as having a baby, or because they are undergoing an elective surgery or procedure, or because they are being admitted through the emergency department. Being admitted through the emergency department is the most stressful of these circumstances because the event is unexpected and may be a major life crisis.

Before the person is taken to their room, admitting procedures are performed. The person’s data is recorded and entered into the hospital’s computer system.

This data may include:

There may be several forms to fill out. One form may be a detailed medical and medication history. This history will include past hospitalizations and surgeries. Having this information readily available will make the process move faster, and can allow a family member or friend who is accompanying the person to help fill out the forms more easily. The hospital may ask if there are any advance directives. This refers to forms that have been filled out indicating what medical decisions one wants others to make on their behalf.

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